Surfers Izzi Gomez and Dave Boehne holding their Infinity Surfboards


Surfers: Izzi Gomez, Dave Boehne
Location: Oregon Coast


People have always been enamored with the thought of the existence of  Bigfoot. Just the thought of the possibility of something out there living undiscovered has always been something crazy to think about.

With the popularity of such shows like “Finding Bigfoot”, the legend of the famed Sasquatch has never been larger with thousands of registered sightings across the U.S. alone.

Infinity’s Dave Boehne has always had an affinity for the furry friend and decided to pair two of his favorite pastimes into one trip – Surf and Sasquatch! Throw in Izzi Gomez, Bigfoot skeptic, and multi-sport enthusiast and see what they can get into!

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